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Why Keitaro Training?

What sets us aside from other training providers, is that we are an open-source  company, delivering some of the best of breed solutions and projects in software development and DevOps, hence we decided to use that knowledge and experience in helping others grow.

All of our trainers are active developers and gurus’ in their own fields, training is the secondary skill, not the primary skill.

We offer high-level training courses that include theory, best practices and real examples in modern and open-source technologies. Whether you prefer online training or live sessions, we’ve got you covered.

Here, companies, teams and individuals will have the opportunity to learn more about next-generation technologies and gain a wealth of new knowledge allowing them to realize new skills in a short period of time.


About Keitaro

Keitaro is an open-source company empowering businesses, governments and communities right across the globe.

Our goal is to provide best-in-class solutions and services by creatively using cutting-edge technology to enable our client’s success. We offer open-source expertise gained from years of experience and as a company that is fully dedicated to open-source software, our competence is integrated in every project we undertake. Our solutions surpass clients’ expectations and help guide them towards their next innovation!

We push the limits to create scalable solutions of the highest standard, whilst closely following each client’s vision. Aside from our work on commercial projects, it’s important to us that we give back to the open-source community. As such, we invest our knowledge, time and resources.
For us, success involves constant learning, teamwork, growth and ensuring we stay devoted to the values of openness.


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