About Us

Keitaro Training is a branch of Keitaro, an open-source company empowering businesses, governments and communities across the globe. 

We offer open-source expertise gained from years of experience and as a company that is fully dedicated to open-source software, our competence is integrated in every project we undertake. In the past 6 years, we have been delivering training for a wide array of global training companies. Since life-long learning is the core of our company's culture, we decided that it is the right time to share our knowledge and expertise.

Our team of instructors share their extensive hands-on experience with next-gen technologies and guide individuals, teams and organisations through the process of learning. Being able to drive training in any organisation is always a challenge. Keitaro Training provides the ability of the team to just focus on goals like growing and improving their skills, without any effort.


Our Expertise

Open-source Technologies

Cloud Computing

DevOps Practices

Data Management

Next-gen Technologies

Our Offering

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Recorded Online Courses

Access our high-level courses to upgrade you knowledge, performance and success.

Start learning today with our ready-to-use online courses including theory, best practices and real examples in modern and open-source technologies

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Custom Training Courses

Collaborate with us to create a custom training course tailored to your organization`s specific needs. We can help your team learn how to work with a particular technology, implement a software solution or solve a  problem they have struggled with for a long time.

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On-site Training

We provide on-site training where our team of experts deliver the course and directly collaborate with your team.

* Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, on-site trainings are only delivered if the safety of all participants can be guaranteed.

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